Art Monkey


So here I began my my explanation of why I do art and why I love illustration..  I do art because I have to. It is hard wired into me and I can’t think of the creative process any other way. Strange though it may seem, I see problems, angst, love, success, music, stories. happiness, sorrow, failure – you name it,  in pictures. You may think that this is delusional or a gift, whatever. But the hardest thing for me is to get it out of my head and onto paper, canvas or digital media in a way that is comprehensible to other people. This is important to me. This is a fixation, an addiction, a release and a prison. There have been times when I have thrown art out the window saying this is not me, only to pick up the pieces and continue trying to create.
A while back a friend of mine told me about how they capture monkeys in the Phillipeans. They take a hollowed out cocanut and put a chain through it and tether it to the ground with a stake. They carve a hole just large enough for a monkeys hand to fit inside. Next they place a sweet treat inside the cocanut and wait. A monkey comes along smells the sweet treat and sticks his hand inside the cocanut and grabs the treat locking his hand around itt. So when the captors come to throw a net over the monkey, he can’t escape because his hand is locked around the treat and he can’t pull his hand from the cocanut because he won’t let go. I guess I’m an art monkey and I can’t escape. But dammit I’m going to get that sweet treat.
So in the early nineties a friend  and I created a sweet treat – a story-which we both liked. My friend was and still is Ernie Peters. Someone who shares the love of a good story and a good laugh. He’s the only person I ever gave the high five to using the Vulcan piece sign. Weird yes but fun.  I created illustrations and my multi talented friend wrote the story. We had a great time creating it but unfortunately were unable to finish it. Life happens. We both had our hands in the cocanut and couldn’t let loose so today 2013 perhaps we can get our paws out along with the treat. Here begins our joint endeavor with Chaios Prarie. Long live the monkeys.