Thank You

Thank you for your comments. Martha without you I couldn’t do this, Amber you were right on, Tim always good to hear from you, Ernie thanks for your support, Winston my Bro , my brother-love you and the rest of you, from mt heart, thank you.

Dragonfly and Scrorpion


I have started a new sculpture called Dragonfly and Scorpion in wood. The dragonfly is almost complete. To the right is the main body of the scorpion. Hope to have this one done by the weekend.


Manifest Destiny sculpture finished

After a year of work I have finished the first wood sculpture started in 2013 called Manifest Destiny. First I want to point out the important elements of the sculpture and then the final piece.


A gold nugget.


An eagle feather with the gold nugget attached at the tip.


A few green leaves.


Some withered and dying roots.


Finally the sculpture measuring 30 inches wide by 88 inches high. The entire sculpture is made of wood except for the gold nugget.  would like to hear your comments and thoughts.

Deer Skull is Finished

Feel really stoked, I just finished the deer skull and hung it on the wall. I’m finding that whatever I take on in the way of wood sculpture takes longer than I anticipate. For this particular piece hand carving, painting, and attaching each leaf took a long time. Soon I will posting finished images of the cow skull. But it’s not an ordinary cow skull.

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The deer skull is very close to life size.

Deer Skull Sculpture


Very close to finishing a deer skull sculpture. I hand carved and painted 66 leaves to attach to the branches. Each leave is approximately half an inch in size. For those of you who might practice Zen this would be a good exercise.DeerSkull1

Here is the skull temporarily mounted to a wood stand. I’ve started attaching the leaves. When I’m finished with the leaves I will make a wall bracket. The skull must be mounted 10 inches from the wall so the branches don’t touch it. The overall size is 54 inches wide by 30 inches high and 20 inches deep.

So why skulls? Well I’ve always liked Georgia O’keeffe’s paintings of cattle and deer skulls. To me they symbolize the West. I want to do a series of skulls like cattle, crow, deer, and other animals found in the West. In my childhood I was very fond of the stories and movies about cowboys and indians. Sadly I grew up and learned that most of the stories were imaginary and the true West was a very harsh and sometimes cruel place. Never-the-less I still enjoy reading the stories and going to Western sites for inspiration. So I’m looking for creative ways to express my feelings for the West with skulls. Have an idea? I’d love to hear it.

I am close to finishing a cow skull with branches and roots for horns and an eagle feather, like a tear, coming out of it’s eye. On the tip of the feather will be a small gold nugget. The title for the cow skull is Manifest Destiny. I will post it soon.

A New Sculpture

Crow sketchI am starting a new wood sculpture, a crow skull. This is a charcoal study.

Crow Clay1I have also completed a clay study to help me work out the difficult areas.

CrowClay2By doing a clay study I get an actual feel for the contours before I actually start the carving. This helps prevent mistakes.

Crow Wood BlockHere I’ve glued two large blocks of Basswood together approximately the shape of a crow skull. It will be a large skull, about 30 inches long by 18 inches wide. If I finish this by the end of summer I will throw a party. Wish me luck.