New smaller sculpture


A few weeks ago I started a smaller more complex sculpture in wood and polymer. This is one of the creatures, a mantis. I’m thinking I’ll have him riding a large beetle at full gallop. The mantis will be throwing a lasso trying to capture a creature running from him. What should I have him lassoing? Human, ape, rabbit,,? I want the lassoed creature to be smaller than the mantis and beetle. Suggestions…..


Dragonfly and Scorpion


Put some serious time in this last week and a half with this wood sculpture. The size is 21 inches in length, 18 inches high, and 22 inches wide. This is my smallest sculpture yet. Each segment was hand carved and then attached with brass spring wire and bent to shape.


A steel rod connects the dragonfly to the wood base.


So what does it mean? You tell me. All my work is open to interpretation. I’m going to go soak my fingers and wrists in warm water and take an aspirin everything aches from making this piece.