My latest creation is a combination of a monkey and a rabbit. It’s carved from pear and bass wood, painted with acrylics, and finished with gold leaf. I’ve been collecting dozens and dozens of masks in Pinterest and this mask is definitely been influenced by them.




I won’t claim this as an original piece. My son-in-law gave me a carved zebra mask that was painted with very muted grays and light brown designs and said I could do whatever I wanted to it. It was pretty drab. I sanded it down to bear wood and carved some intricate designs into the face and then repainted the whole thing.It was fun.



You may remember this face from a long time ago. I started with a piece of African purple heart wood. Well I reworked this face many times until I finally liked it. The design on the face, which was chiseled by hand, was influenced by tribal markings from Nepal and Aboriginal tribal markings from Australia. The hood was craved from pear wood and then stained with acrylic paint. The face is the real color of the wood. African purple heart is one of the hardest woods I’ve ever worked with.



I decided to rework my earlier sculpture. Here I’ve added another branch to form another antler and craved leaves out of polar wood. Then rotated it to make a horizontal composition. Hope you like it.