New Years Candle


Candle light ISO 125, 1/20th of a second at f8. Black and white conversion in Photoshop with natural colors added back in.


In My Study 2

ims2smAnother photo in my series taken with candle light. One candle camera left positioned low as a key light. Second candle camera right positioned higher to cast shadow against the wall. The candle light really messed with the white point setting so I manually moved it to 2200k which took it from a red cast to a normal cast, ISO 125, aperture f18, and shutter speed 95 seconds. Oddly enough the slight flickering of the candles had little effect on the lighting.

In My Study


It’s been a long time since my last post and I am excited and feeling energized about my new direction. Here is the first in a small series of still life photographs taken by candle light. The series is taken in my study where I have some odd things I’ve collected over the years. My wife says it’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone. I submit this for your approval.