Bio: Early in life around the age of eleven I started using colored pencils to illustrate exotic birds from National Geographic magazine. I found that I liked to draw representational subjects. My mother who drew and painted encouraged me to continue. She was a good artist and always supportive in all my artistic explorations. In high school my art teacher encouraged me to pursue and explore other forms of media and to continue with higher education. After graduating from college with a masters in art education and a teaching certificate I looked for a teaching position. Part time instruction was all I was able to find in the late seventies so I began my career in graphic art and advertising to earn a living. During a career that spanned over 30 years in graphics and advertising I also taught art at several community colleges. I retired form advertising in 2010 and continued teaching until 2018. Throughout my youth and adult life I have painted and drawn representational images. I have exhibited in gallery and museum shows nationally and internationally. 2014 was a turning point when I tried sculpting with wood. I found that creating in three dimensions is a wonderful challenge and I like the experimental process of trying new wood sculpting techniques. Representational art is the language I am most comfortable with. The actions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions I want to express are expressed best in this genre. My fondest inspirations come from movements like Art Nouveau, Pre Raphaelite, Symbolist, and my favorite Surrealism.

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One thought on “About

  1. Dear Craig Schindler,

    Hello! It seems that I am the very first person to visit, like and comment here.

    I have enjoyed reading your bio, which is very well-written and grammatically excellent.

    May your love for wood carving bring you endless joy and satisfaction, whether aesthetically, physically, intellectually or spiritually!

    Wishing you a productive month and a wonderful weekend!

    Yours sincerely,

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